Double Adhesive Sided Tape 9448A white Glue For Cellphone Repair 15'(50m)

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Good For LED Strip LCD Case iPad PC Phone DVD.Etc Repairing And Creating
double-sided industrial adhesive tape for non-woven substrates. The adhesive is made of high-quality acrylic adhesive. Acrylic adhesive has excellent high-temperature resistance and adhesion. Non-woven substrates have tensile strength and other characteristics. Therefore, it can be used for industrial nameplate lamination, metal material lamination, and rubber material lamination. Widely used in die cutting, toys, automotive and other industries.
 Used in cell phone, tablet, electronic product display repair adhesive, usually used in the household appliances market, including refrigerator evaporator adhesive and control panel bonding, nameplate bonding is widely used in the processing industry, including rubber and rubber industry And plastic bonding and so on.

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